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Water Reclamation – NEWater Singapore

by Hanovia Ltd - a Halma Company  (Oct. 25, 2006)

Hanovia Photon UV Systems Bedok NEWater Water Reclamation Plant (WRP) - Pilot Plant – 420m3/hr Bedok NEWater WRP - Full Scale Plant – 1,335m3/hr Kranji NEWater WRP - Full Scale Plant – 1,667m3/hr Bedok NEWater WRP – Pilot Plant - 3 x PMD320F2 Photon Systems (above) Bedok NEWater WRP – Full Scale Plant 3 x PMD321K6 Photon Systems ...

Wastewater Reclamation

by IWA Publishing  (Jul. 18, 2010)

Reclaimed wastewater, sometimes called recycled water, is former wastewater (sewage) that has been treated to remove solids and certain impurities, and then allowed to recharge the aquifer rather than being discharged to surface water. This recharging is often done by using the treated wastewater ...

Magnetic Island Water Reclamation Plant

by Kubota Membrane  (Mar. 1, 2006)

Abstract The first full scale Membrane Bioreaccor (MBR) in Australia, the Magnetic Island Water Reclamation (MIWR) Plant, was commissioned in late 2002. Citiwater Townsville owns and operates the MIWR plant. The plant was designed by GHD and constructed via two contracts. Mineforce were responsible for civil and electrical whilst Aquatec Maxcon ...

Case study - bitumen reclamation

by Dragflow North America  (Jan. 22, 2013)

Location: Canada Year: 2007 Working Context description Western Canada is reach of oil sand. Oil sand is a naturally occurring mixture of sand, clay or other minerals, water and bitumen, which is a heavy and extremely viscous oil that must be treated before it can be used by refineries to produce usable fuels such as gasoline and ...

Case study - bitumen reclamation

by Dragflow S.r.l.  (Oct. 30, 2011)

Location: Canada Year: 2007 Working Context description Western Canada is reach of oil sand. Oil sand is a naturally occurring mixture of sand, clay or other minerals, water and bitumen, which is a heavy and extremely viscous oil that must be treated before it can be used by refineries to produce usable fuels such as gasoline and diesel. ...

EISC success at Clark county water reclamation district

by EISC  (Jul. 2, 2010)

Client: Clark County Water Reclamation District (CCWRD) in Las Vegas EISC recently provided an EDD Verification and Validation Software System to the Clark County Water Reclamation District (CCWRD) in Las Vegas.  This software system allows the CCWRD to automatically verify, validate, and report sub-contracted analytical data to Discharge ...

Efficiency and reliability of membrane processes in a water reclamation plant

by IWA Publishing  (Jun. 26, 2015)

Performance of a water reclamation plant using ultrafiltration (UF) and reverse osmosis (RO) treating 280,000 m3/d of wastewater was evaluated over 1 year. Statistical analyses were performed on flow rate, temperature, pH, total suspended solids (TSS), total dissolved solids (TDS), biochemical oxygen demand (BOD5) and total coliforms. Variations ...

CM-at-Risk – A Better Method for Water Reclamation Construction?

by Water Environment Federation (WEF)  (Oct. 22, 2006)

ABSTRACTCollier County, Florida is located in the southwest part of the Sunshine State. It is a popular winter tourist destination as well as home to many seasonal residents. With one of the highest growth rates in the country, Collier County is continually expanding its utility infrastructure to meet ever-increasing demands. The Collier County ...

Economic analysis of the reuse of water reclamation in the irrigation of vineyards

by Inderscience Publishers  (Jan. 25, 2007)

The objective of the present work is to determine the economic viability of the System for the Reclamation and Reuse of Wastewater (SRRWW) in the village of Colera in Girona, Spain. The methodology applied covers the identification, quantification and economic evaluation of different impacts, private and external, and allows the most beneficial ...

Case study - Daphne utilities water reclamation facility

by Salsnes Filter - a subsidiary of Danaher Corporation  (Mar. 2, 2016)

With significant TSS and BOD reductions from their Salsnes Filter system, Daphne Utilities has restored previously lost plant capacity. More than that, loading reductions have cut back aerator maintenance and lowered energy consumption of blowers. Project Background Daphne Utilities, situated on the eastern shore of Mobile Bay in Alabama, ...

Potential for wastewater reclamation and reuse in Lebanon

by Inderscience Publishers  (Sep. 12, 2006)

Eleven major wastewater treatment plants are planned for construction along the sea coast of Lebanon to handle the flow from the major urban centres. The plants are expected to generate approximately 640,000 m3 of treated sewage daily, and the effluent is planned to be disposed into the sea. In the light of the water deficiency that the country ...

Comparison of RO and NF in wastewater reclamation

by Toray Chemical Korea  (Sep. 12, 2005)

Currently, water reuse and reclamation are considered as an essential technology available for alternative water resources with respect to non-potable as well as potable uses. Therefore, lots of studies have been developing various technologies for water reuse, reclamation, and desalination to producing the more reliable and higher quality ...

Ozone-based reclamation of an STP effluent

by IWA Publishing  (Jan. 1, 2011)

The system ozone and hydrogen peroxide was used to reclaim wastewater from the secondary clarifier from a Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) of Alcalá de Henares (Madrid-Spain). The assays were performed by bubbling a gas mixture of oxygen and ozone, with ~24 g Nm-3 of ozone concentration, through a volume of wastewater samples for 20 minutes at ...

Soil Reclamation Through Chemical Oxidation

by Kerfoot Technologies, Inc. (formerly K-V Associates, Inc.)  (Jan. 1, 2003)

Supplying ozone (chemical) oxidation equipment to clean soil and groundwater is Kerfoot Technologies' specialty. In the past, contaminated soil was dug and removed to a disposal location. Present-day engineering relies increasingly on smart in-situ technologies with minimal site disturbance. Chemical oxidation is at the forefront of those ...

Water reuse and reclamation: a contribution to energy efficiency in the water cycle

by IWA Publishing  (Jun. 26, 2015)

Water and energy are two of the most important resources of the 21st century. Water is required to supply energy and, at the same time, energy is required to supply water. In urban water management, the key factor is warm water heating. Depending on the quality of the raw water, the provision of drinking water requires the application of ...

Direct potable reclamation in Windhoek: a critical review of the design philosophy of new Goreangab drinking water reclamation plant

by IWA Publishing  (Apr. 3, 2013)

Direct drinking water reclamation from the Goreangab reclamation plant, has been a reality in Windhoek, Namibia since 1968. Potable reclamation is a fixed part of the water supply and waste water has become an indispensible resource for the survival and continued growth of the city. The multi barrier concepts that were applied 40 years ago have ...

Case study - Wastewater - Upper Occoquan water reclamation plant

by HammerTek Corporation  (Mar. 29, 2016)

The Smart Elbow Stops Lime Spills and Prevents Dust Cloud Exposure Robert Forgione, P.E. and his team at the Upper Occoquan Water Reclamation Plant in Centreville, Virginia were wading through yet another dust cloud to cleanup yet another pile of dry pebble lime and dust that had leaked from a failed elbow in the conveying line. While the hole ...

Palm Valley Water Reclamation Facility, Goodyear, Arizona: A Real `PERC`

by Kaeser Kompressoren GmbH  (Mar. 1, 2007)

Pacific Environmental Resources Corp. (PERC) is a water quality service provider offering clients a total solution in partnership with nature and the surrounding environment. PERC is a leading design / build / operate company in the wastewater industry. PERC’s total solution provides a scalable and modular design delivered under a single ...

Seasonal and influent characteristic effects on hydrogen sulfide generation at a water reclamation plant

by IWA Publishing  (Oct. 29, 2014)

Correlations between sulfide generation and seasonal influent wastewater characteristics were identified based on a long-term monitoring program in summer and winter at a water reclamation plant. During summer, the emission rates of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from the liquid treatment processes increased substantially compared to those during winter ...

Removal and relationships of microbial indicators in a water treatment and reclamation facility

by IWA Publishing  (Nov. 19, 2012)

A wastewater treatment and reclamation facility in north-east Spain was monitored over 1 year to determine the occurrence and concentrations of different microbial indicators (Escherichia coli, fecal enterococci, somatic bacteriophages and spores of sulfite-reducing clostridia). The removal of the indicators and its relationships through the ...

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