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Kitchen Floor Cleaning Machines: Go Beyond Just Cleaning


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No matter how carefully one works in a kitchen, there will almost always be spills and splatters on kitchen floors. Some food residues and gravy splatters can easily cause stains and diminish the appeal of kitchen floors. Often, it may not be possible to attend to spills immediately. This is especially true in the case of commercial kitchens that will be bustling with activity until the end of the day, and when it is cleanup time, the splatters will have hardened and stained the floors. Scrubbing will not always help eliminate tough stains and dirt deposits. For this reason, cleaning professionals recommend using advanced kitchen floor cleaning equipment.

Kitchen floors are usually made of tile and grout that are extremely durable and easy to clean. However, the absence of proper cleaning can make tiled floors look dull and dirty. Dirt and grime can easily penetrate the porous grout surface and make the floors look unclean. Scrubbing is the most popular technique of maintaining tiled floors. However, do you know that scrubbing can seriously damage grout? This explains why experts advise using kitchen floor cleaning machines with low flow rates. It helps cut down the volume of water used during cleaning porous surfaces and thus ensures minimal damage to grout.

Versatile Cleaning Equipment
Over the last few years, leading suppliers have launched highly advanced KleenJet floor cleaning machines designed for use on different kinds of floors. The unique technologies in these floor cleaner systems ensure superior cleaning results with minimum effort or time. The steam ejected by these kitchen floor cleaning machines efficiently reaches every nook and corner of kitchen floors to provide better cleaning results than traditional cleaning methods. Steam is so powerful a cleaning force that users need not resort to the use of cleaning chemicals containing harsh chemicals. Utilizing the power of steam is thus an eco-friendly cleaning force that poses no risk to users or the environment.

Advantages of using floor cleaner systems

Here is a look at the benefits of opting for hard surface cleaners to maintain kitchen floors:

The most advanced tile cleaning machines available from top suppliers generate pressurized, dry steam at super-hot temperatures. Since dry steam contains a low moisture content of just 5 percent, it is perfect for cleaning tile and grout. Low moisture content and powerful extraction functions in the tile and grout cleaning equipment ensure clean and almost dry surfaces after the cleaning session.

Self cleaning boilers are a notable feature of new-age XTreme Power hard floor cleaners. Boilers that automatically remain protected from the accumulation of scale and mineral deposits function better and ensure the generation of super heated steam across long periods of use. Self-cleaning boilers in hard surface cleaners also do not incur major maintenance issues.

Kitchen floors must not just be clean but disinfected as well. For this reason, the best tile cleaning machines are empowered with anti-bacterial functions that ensure the elimination of up to 99.99 percent of germs and pathogens on kitchen floors.

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