Kitchens - Yazaki, Romania - Case Study


Courtesy of NCH UK Ltd

YAZAKI ROMANIA is a Japanese company that produces in Romania automotive cabling for Toyota, Ford, etc, and has approx. 4000 employees. They have an eating hall supplied by EUREST ROM in catering system.

YAZAKI ROMANIA transferred the responsibility of drain maintenance to EUREST ROM.

The sewage consists of the lines between kitchen (plates and dishes washer) – grease trap – municipal sewage


EUREST ROM is a Romanian catering company, a part of COMPASS international group – worldwide leader in catering services, having over 4000 employees in more than 90 countries.


Because the waste water from washing of dishes and kitchen utensils contains a large quantity of organic waste, a lot of problems occurred in time, like:

  • foul odors
  • slow drains
  • frequent pump-outs (4 pump-outs monthly)
  • high values for COD, BOD, FOG


NCH – CHEMSEARCH specialist analyzed the situation and recommended one BioAmp unit to be mounted at the dish washer. That way the bacteria dosed in the sewage system treated both the pipe and the grease traps (2 grease traps in cascade).


After 3 months since the contract started the customer noticed the following:

  • COD value dropped by 60%
  • BOD value dropped by 40%
  • FOG dropped by 35%
  • the pump-outs were eliminated
  • the grease traps became clean, as bacteria digested all the organic waste (picture).

By eliminating pump-outs the customer came to savings of 3000 euros, and due to decreased COD, BOD and FOG of 6700 euros.

So, in 5 months of treatment the customer obtained total savings of almost 10.000 euros.

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