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KLa Systems Offers “Retrofit Opportunities”


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KLa Systems is in a unique position to assist industries in meeting the challenges of production expansion and optimizing energy usage in their wastewater treatment facilities. Our Slot Injector system can easily retrofit all types of diffuser systems including conventional jet aeration systems within existing tanks and basins. Higher (15-60%) oxygen transfer rates can be achieved using the existing compressed air delivery components or the same oxygen demand can be met with less air flow. Slot Injector aeration also provides a more diverse operating range at peak efficiency for seasonal loads without sacrificing process mixing. We encourage you to let KLa Systems investigate your existing aeration system details and propose an economical retrofit solution using out Slot Injector system.

KLa’s Unique Slot Injector TM System; A Complete Aeration System Solution

Typical Slot Injector systems consists of the Slot Injector aerators, in-basin piping system, back-flush system, liquid recirculation pumps and air blowers.

The pumps are either end suction centrifugal, submersible, or self-priming. Low pressure air is delivered by positive displacement blowers, screw compressors, multi-stage centrifugal blowers or high speed centrifugal blowers. Other available components of the Slot Injector system included with the out-of-basin air and liquid piping system consists of stainless steel pipe, isolation valves, expansion bellows, supports and pressure gauges. Additional scope of supply is available upon request.

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