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KleenJet Vapor Steam Cleaner By Daimer Introduced For Pizza Shops


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Daimer Industries, Inc.®, the leading supplier of over 700 models of advanced floor steam cleanersystems, easily portable carpet steam cleanermachines, car cleaning machines, and many exclusive technologies, is debuting the KleenJet® Pro Plus 300CS to maintain pizza shops. The 1600 watt steam cleaner is ideal for those requiring portable machines with high temperatures and pressure levels. The machine's patented removable heating element creates temperatures up to 310ºF within just 7 minutes for effectively melting cheese deposits, dirt buildup, and pizza crumbs stuck to the floor and tables.

“The cleaning of pizza bake ware instruments, including pizza pans, pizza trays and ovens; cutters; pizza pan gripper; chopping boards; kitchen shelves; pizza screens; tables; chairs; floors; and glass surfaces becomes difficult tasks when machines utilized for the purpose do not feature the right technologies, states Daimer Industries, Inc.® spokesperson, Matthew Baratta. “Daimer® is happy to offer the KleenJet® Pro Plus 300CS, a steam cleaner that is powerful enough to maintain even some of the most difficult-to-clean surfaces. The machine features technologies that help cleaning staffs clean and disinfect pizza shops expertly.”

Daimer® is the highly renowned brand of technologically superior vapor steam cleaner systems and steam vacuum cleaner machines that are famous across the globe. Daimer® was the first company to offer commercial vacuum steam cleaning machines in North America. Many industries use its machines, owing to their outstanding performance and durability. The expert designs of its cleaning machines make them the most preferred by big national and international firms.

Pizza shops owners may pay fines if they do not meet proper hygiene standards. Health inspectors take extreme care while examining the premises, including instruments and storage facilities, food preparation areas, floors, walls, doors, and pipework. Dirt, grease or food debris, if found anywhere, can create potential. The KleenJet® Pro Plus 300CS commercial steam cleaner comes with Daimer®'s special technologies, making it among the best steam cleaner in the industry for heavy-duty cleaning tasks, can be used as kitchen steam cleaning machines. Blistering steam, when emitted with pressure, cleans and sanitizes practically all surfaces. It is a greener way of helping reduce harmful bacteria that causes deadly diseases.

The top quality grout steam cleaner machine also features various other technologies that make it ideal for commercial cleaning tasks. The company's Boiler Scale Reduction™ technology, for example, helps the commercial steam cleaner run efficiently with less wear and tear for a long time. The technology's vibrating mechanism minimizes mineral or scale buildup form on the boiler, and helps maintain maximum temperature and pressure.

Another very important technology integrated in Daimer®'s vapor steam cleaner systems is the Advanced Self-Regulating Continuous Refill Technology™ that allows for the refilling of the high performance portable steam cleaner even while it is in operation. Top notch steam cleaner systems featuring this technology come with a pressurized boiler tank and a non-pressurized tank. Water is added to the non-pressurized tank, allowing for non-stop cleaning.

Aside from all these technologies, if a steam cleaning system or any other machine does not feature the right accessories, it is actually of no use. This is the reason Daimer® machines are bundled with a host of accessories for cleaning different kinds of surfaces. For maintaining large floors and corners, the KleenJet® Pro Plus 300CS comes with rectangular and triangular brushes, and for effective washroom maintenance steam plungers help sanitize sink drains quickly.

To clean grease deposits, steel wool pads placed over brushes are ideal, while for eliminating dirt from windows and mirrors, a steam squeegee is the best accessory. The highly ranked floor cleaning machines also features a 10 foot detachable steam hose with heavy-duty towel clip and a steam scrapper.


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