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KMsharer: an information technology approach to enable knowledge management services

Knowledge Management (KM) is of growing interest in today's business and academic community. The increase in the number of books, articles and papers written reflects practitioners and academics alike trying to improve theories and concepts put forth by their peers to further support KM practice. This paper contributes to the stream of research on KM systems by proposing a KM environment to facilitate the knowledge evolution cycle. Guided by well-reviewed KM activities and the role of information technology and communication in strategically supporting knowledge processes, we have developed a KM system called KMsharer. The system consists of three major components: the XML editor, the KM tools and the WebShare server. The KMsharer uses an innovative XML knowledge-based schema for document conversion and storage has demonstrated to have better searching/accessing performance than the documents stored in common Word and XML formats. The KMsharer indeed is a powerful and useful tool for all personnel to access, create and store information in order to enhance knowledge sharing, collaboration and expedite decision-making strategically.

Keywords: architecture, knowledge management, KM, knowledge management systems, KMS, strategic information systems, XML, information technology, knowledge evolution, ICT, communications, collaboration, decision making

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