Knowing All About Hot Water Pressure Washers

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Two types of hot water pressure washer machines are currently available: ordinary hot water machines and tri-mode machines. Before going into details of these machines, it would be worthwhile to have a look into some of their basic aspects.

Basic Features
A hot water pressure washer can provide an output temperature of up to 210°F. For this, these machines should contain heating elements. Normally, hot water machines can provide two types of output: hot water and cold water, in other words, heated output and non-heated output.

The difference between a hot water machine and an ordinary pressure washer lies only on its output temperature. There are machines that do not contain heating elements. These are called cold water pressure washers. There are machines that can provide higher output temperatures. These are known as steam pressure washers, which can provide output temperatures of up to 330°F.

There is not much difference between an ordinary pressure washer and a hot water pressure washer in other aspects. For example, there is no constraint on output pressure level or flow rate. Any kind of power source can be used.

Now, it is time move into different categories of hot water pressure washer equipment.

Ordinary Hot Water Machines
These are one of the widely used cleaning machines. These are used for cleaning outdoor locations such as parks, stadiums, roads, pavement, and parking lots. These are also used as hard surface cleaners of indoor areas, such as floors and walls. Normally, ordinary hot water pressure washers are classified into two types based on the power source: machines powered by electricity and machines powered by fossil fuels.

Electricity-Powered Machines
Pressure washer machines can have one of two types of sources for generating output pressure: an electric motor or a combustion engine. Machines that use electric motors are known as electric pressure washers, and those that use combustion engines are known as gas pressure washers. Heating elements can also be powered by electricity or fossil fuel. The machines that have electricity to power heating elements are known as electric-powered pressure washer equipment.

Normally, these machines are all electric pressure washers; that is, they use electricity to generate both output temperature and output pressure. These machines work smoothly and silently. Moreover, these machines do not emit any combustion byproducts.

Machines Powered by Fossil Fuels
In such machines, the heating elements are powered by fossil fuel, such as kerosene, diesel, or gas. Such heating elements are used both in electric pressure washers and in gas pressure washers. In fact, such machines are more common than all electric machines.

Tri-Mode Machines
This is another category of hot water pressure washer machines. These machines can provide three kinds of output temperature: cold water, hot water, and steam. Cleaning workers can change the output temperature based on the nature of the surface.

These are costlier than ordinary pressure washing equipment but suitable for cleaning companies and big factories that have varieties of surfaces to clean. The main advantage of tri-mode machines is that they can be used to clean almost all kinds of hard surfaces. These machines definitely enhance cleaning efficiency and speed up the cleaning process.


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