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Knowledge resources on nuclear desalination in the INIS database: 1970–2010

With potable water fast becoming a scarce commodity, a viable option largely accepted today is the use of seawater or brackish water for human consumption after the process of desalination. The process of desalination consumes a substantial amount of energy which becomes a detrimental factor. Considering the environment friendly factors of nuclear energy, it has been considered a better option as a source of heat and electricity for desalination plants. The main interest of this study is to analyse the research publications that are brought out by countries interested in the area of nuclear desalination. International Nuclear Information System (INIS) database on CD was analysed for the research being carried by countries engaged in setting up of such nuclear desalination plants. Literature published till 2010 was included in the study. Analysis was carried out of publications based on research on the global nuclear desalination plants in the different countries, language–wise distribution of publications, the type of documents and the areas of research based on descriptor–wise analysis, and the core journals publishing on desalination.

Keywords: nuclear desalination, INIS, International Nuclear Information System, nuclear knowledge management, knowledge resources, nuclear energy, nuclear power, literature review

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