Koppers - Case Study


Courtesy of ERG (Air Pollution Control) Ltd

Client: Koppers Europe Ltd, Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire
Application: Naphthalene fume scrubbing from naphthalene and oil blend storage tank vents
System description: The fume scrubbing system treats the air which is naturally vented from bulk storage tanks and road-tanker filling stations and removes the odorous naphthalene vapour from it. The V-texTM scrubber uses oil at >40oC to scrub the air, dissolving the naphthalene in it. The V-texTM scrubber is ideally suited to the application as its operation is robust and can tolerate solid naphthalene crystals in the scrubbing oil.
Design air flowrate: 150 Am3/hr
Design inlet naphthalene concentration: 10,000 ppm
Design outlet naphthalene concentration: <500ppm
Design naphthalene removal efficiency: 95%
Equipment description: 400mm dia V-texTM scrubber on 2m3 sump tank Fabricated in carbon steel
Certification: PED: category SEP, designed to PD5500; ATEX: gas group IIB, T4. Equipment Group II, equipment category 2G
Year: 2007
Value: £60,000

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