Korea : Olympic sized clean up


Courtesy of Aeration Industries International (AII)

AIRE-O2® aerators breathed fresh life into the Suyong River and Pusan Harbor Yacht basin, reversing the damage of years of heavy industrial pollution in its upper reaches.

Korean officials chose the AIRE-O2® system to improve water quality for the 1988 Olympic Yacht Races due to the aerator’s capabilty to aerate and mix the brackish waters of this vast project. Within days of AIRE-O2® operation, odors disappeared and aquatic life returned to the area. A full technical report by two Korean research institutes is available upon request.

Nine 100 hp AIRE-O2® aerators restore the river for the 1988 Olympic Yacht Races.

The AIRE-O2® aerators reversed the effects of years of industrial pollution to the Suyong River.

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