KOSUN decanter centrifuge overseas business in America


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KOSUN has expanded its overseas market. It has founded a branch in America. So, for the America market, the clients can access to choose KOSUN solids control equipment. As the hottest product, decanter centrifuge must be welcomed.

KOSUN has high efficient decanter centrifuge, which operated by spinning closed containers of the mixture around a central point. The force of decanter centrifuge comes from the motion making the denser materials in suspension against the wall of the container. A good quality decanter centrifuge should meet several features, such as anti-corrosive and anti-explosion. Actually, as the name implies, decanting centrifuge is used for separating something in drilling fluids, thus it should have excellent separation performance. The machine is usually used to get rid of solids above 2 microns in diameter. It is usually the most important stage of solids control system.

For the best drilling decanter centrifuge and other solids control machines, you can look for KOSUN, a professional solids control equipment manufacturer in China.

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