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VOC-contaminated groundwater is treated in a 2-stage low-profile compact vacuum stripper (CVS). A negative pressure blower applies a vacuum to the treatment chamber. In this chamber a 2-stage stripping reactor is located and the stripping air is directed to the upper tray. The groundwater loops around on the upper tray along designate barriers, while the stripping air is being pulled through the water from a pinhole plate below.

The VOC’s are desorbed from the contaminated water via the stripping air and are removed with the off-gas. The cleansing process is repeated in a second tray below the upper one in the same manner. The treated water collects in the lower portion of the vessel which acts as a sump and is discharged through a submersible pump. The CVS can be winterised if necessary by a built-in heating coil, but it can optionally also be set up in a heated enclosure or an existing building. For maintenance, the stripping trays can be removed and cleaned.

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