KSFA Info-FLO: “Better than New Septic from Bio-Microbics!“

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Courtesy of Bio-Microbics, Inc.

Better than New Septic from Bio-Microbics!

In Western Kansas, those properties that experience biologically-failed septic systems rarely have options other than to replace the entire system - an expensive endeavor for low-income housing.

For a family located in Finney County, the local authorities identified the tell tale signs of a biological failure from their 20-year-old septic system. Sewage was ponding in the yard and backing up into the home. This area in western Kansas, which is considered low-income, could not afford the cost of a complete replacement system or many of the other conventional options that were presented. Of the options that were considered by the local authorities, a technology that had never been used in western Kansas before was considered. The EPA-ETV verified technology, RetroFAST® manufactured by Bio-Microbics, Inc., was the system selected.

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