KTC EDIBLES - Case Study


Courtesy of FogBusters, Inc.

DAF system to separate oils from their effluent was unsuccessful. Thus, meeting compliance was a challenge. Off-spec oily water was tank-farmed which had become unmanageable. Discharge limit of 1000 mg/l COD was often exceeded by a factor of 4-5 times. The Water Authority was scheduled to terminate discharge if no solution presented.

The effluent from five sources was piped to a centralized Fogbuster 1800 using low shear progressive cavity pumps. The resulting oil was pumped to storage.

The initial clean up of tank farm (135,000 gal) yielded over 70 tons of resalable oils. Normal weekly operations since then yield
15 tons of saleable oils each week. The client is now consistently compliant producing effluent below 300 mg/l COD and got off the Water Authority’s watch list after only three months of operation. The client eliminated the cost of operating the DAF, plus the tank farming of the effluent and now earns an income of over $4,500/week from recovered oil sales.

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