Kuwait oil company streamlines emissions data management for corporate social responsibility and efficiency gains


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The Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) has long been a leader in addressing environmental sustainability issues. In the early 1990s, Kuwait faced the worst environmental catastrophe in recent history as a result of the bygone Iraqi regime's invasion of the country. Oil wells and gathering centers were ablaze and uncontrolled oil flow was filling hundreds of vast oil lakes and fouling mile after mile of coastline. It was imperative that the nation's oil infrastructure be restored and its environment protected.

Today, Kuwait is the world's 7th largest oil exporter and holds about 10% of global oil reserves. KOC is successfully managing upstream oil and gas operations within Kuwait as well as storing crude oil and delivering it to tankers for export. Equally remarkable, KOC has also helped clean up and safeguard the region's environment by embracing the concept of corporate social responsibility and launching a series of bold sustainability initiatives that utilize the latest technologies and industry best practices.

In 2003, KOC launched a new Health, Safety and Environment Management System (HSEMS) 'to make HSE an integral part of all work practices at KOC, to increase staff awareness of environmental activities and risks in the workplace and train staff to be accountable for preventing pollution.' By 2007, the company had researched and selected a powerful new information system to help it meet those goals. It's choice: Essential Suite® software from ESS.

The KOC Health, Safety and Environmental Group is utilizing Essential Suite across multiple production facilities, with an unlimited number of users accessing the system through a software-as-a-service or SaaS implementation supported by BP Consultancy (BPC). KOC and BPC began by utilizing the Essential Air™ module to collect and manage air emissions data – standardizing data naming, data coding, templates, flow processes, data models and other functions – in order to generate a broad spectrum of reports and update KOC system dashboards. In the process, KOC is not only meeting its corporate responsibility commitments, it is also streamlining critical business operations.

'ESS software has reduced the amount of manual labor that we spend on data collection, processing, and HSE reporting by about 90%. It makes our environmental work processes more efficient and improves our company's HSE performance,' declared Mr. Dhari H. Al-Gharabally, Team Leader for Health & Environment with KOC's HSE Group. 'Accurate roll up of emissions and other analytics for sustainability reporting at the corporate level is also faster and easier with ESS software – saving three weeks of effort by our environmental teams.'

As a result, the KOC HSE team's improvements to emissions information management are motivated by both the need for compliance – with KOC corporate reporting regulations and Kuwait's Environment Public Authority (EPA) – and the opportunity to drive operational excellence.

Mr. Al-Gharabally continued, 'ESS software has brought significant benefits to KOC. By reducing the amount of labor necessary for reporting, it frees staff resources to work on higher value tasks. It also improves efficiency and accuracy, helping us generate high quality emission inventory data that the environmental division can use for air quality risk assessment through dispersion and exposure modeling. ESS simplifies our HSE work process.'

Kuwait Oil Company is committed to becoming a 'Digitally Intelligent Company' through implementation of advanced information technologies. ESS software is one of those new tools. Essential Suite works with KOC's business intelligence dashboard to track air emission key performance indicators (KPIs) as part of Digitally Intelligent Company processes designed to provide decision makers with the information they need. By using ESS software, for instance, KOC analysts can estimate air emissions in advance for different production scenarios, proactively assessing management or control options in order to minimize adverse impacts and maximize productivity. It's all part of making KOC an even more sustainable and successful company for years to come.

The Challenge

  • Monitoring emissions for compliance with KOC corporate social responsibility regulations and the Kuwait EPA
  • Rolling up data from multiple sources while minimizing risk of errors/omissions
  • Delivering accurate, real-time analytics that result in better, faster decisions

The Solution

Essential Suite® including

  • Essential Air™

Also licensed:

  • Essential Compliance™
  • Essential Task Manager™

The Results

  • Overall 90% reduction in time spent on emissions data collection, processing and reporting from disparate systems
  • Saved weeks of labor and improved accuracy by automating roll up of analytics for corporate-level sustainability reports
  • Gave HSE staff opportunity to focus on higher value tasks and boost productivity

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