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Kyanite Mining and Effective Air Pollution Abatement


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Kyanite Mining Corp. is a family-owned and operated mining company that specializes in the extraction and beneficiation of kyanite (3Al2O3*3SiO2) and its calcined derivative, mullite. KMC ships both minerals worldwide for use as “super-duty” additives in a variety of ceramic and refractory products. Kyanite is used in these products because of it resistance to heat, abrasion and corrosive environments.

Raw kyanite ore is mined at Willis Mountain, located in central Virginia, and beneficiated at two primary facilities, the Willis Mountain and the East Ridge plants. The ore is excavated through the open pit method, crushed, ground in a wet slurry, washed, and the kyanite is then removed in a flotation process.  The kyanite concentrate is then dried and the metallic impurities are removed with magnets. Finally the dry, purified kyanite is trucked to additional processing facilities where it is ground to different mesh sizes, warehoused, packaged and shipped. Almost 200 people work in this around-the-clock operation that has the capacity to produce over 150,000 tons of commercial grade kyanite concentrate a year.

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