Lab plus international interviews ITS president

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Courtesy of Industrial Test Systems, Inc.

The US-based company Industrial Test Systems (ITS) is a relatively young start-up company but is already making a big name for itself in the field of sensitive yet simple-to-use kits for water testing. The dynamism of the company can be seen from their constant challenging of the status quo to see if new and improved methods of water testing are possible. The most recent example of this is the company's introduction of a test for the detection of manganese in water. Up until now such tests involved the use of highly toxic cyanide solutions to chelate other ions that would otherwise interfere with the test. Apart from the direct toxicity potential to the technologist carrying out the test, the presence of cyanide ions also brings with it restrictions regarding the mailing
and transport of the tests to the user — problems which are all solved with the new product.

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