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LabHQ Ltd. is a young and dynamic company that provides Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) to businesses of all sizes throughout a range of industries. Our primary vision is to offer the most innovative software applications and world-class services to enable companies to derive the maximum possible value from their laboratory processes.

A LIMS is a piece of software that allows users to manage the flow of data through the laboratory from sample receipt to result presentation. With a suitable LIMS in place the user can more effectively trace and track all samples that are received into the laboratory, the tests performed on these samples, methods used and results generated.

Before the emergence of LIMS in the 80s, laboratories managed their data flow using paper systems, manually recording each step of the process, a tedious and time consuming exercise. Today, smaller laboratories continue to use these paper systems due to the expense involved in purchasing and implementing costly (tens of thousands of pounds for even the smallest of laboratories) and complicated customisable LIMS systems currently available on the marketplace. These reasons, combined with the 60% failure rate of LIMS implementations means that the decision of purchasing LIMS is a high risk one with the consequences far outweighing the potential benefits.

LabHQ LIMS was developed ‘by users for users’ to be a simple and effective solution for laboratory data management and to overcome the common obstacles faced by businesses looking to implement a LIMS. The software was designed with simplicity in mind to provide a streamlined system where data-flow through the laboratory can be managed with minimal ‘mouse clicks’. As a result, the implementation time involved in the set-up and training of laboratory users is significantly reduced therefore reducing the costs involved in the deployment of the system.

LabHQ customers will benefit from both a locally installed LIMS application combined with the added advantage of laboratory data fully accessible via the web. Laboratory data is securely accessible wherever there is an internet connection anywhere in the world.

The software is based on Software as a Service (SaaS) principles and is offered on a cost effective rental basis to be an affordable option for small and large scale laboratories alike. There are no contractual obligations and the subscription can be cancelled at any time with one months notice. This is a completely risk free option for any business with absolutely no capital outlay or hidden costs involved in the purchase and set-up of the system.

LabHQ Packages

In today’s climate there is a growing desire to reduce costs by running businesses with as little staff as possible. This means again that installing a highly complex LIMS which require months to implement and customise by numerous IT and technical staff is becoming even less desirable. LabHQ Ltd. has come up with a product and service package options to effectively eliminate these problems.

The software can be purchased as a core package for those companies who would prefer to set-up LabHQ using in-house staff available, with our full, free telephone support and training. Alternatively, you can pay a little extra for our specialist team to project manage the whole deployment process. We can set-up all test methods, suites, products, workbooks, reporting templates, specifications and SOPs on behalf of the client’s requirements so they do not have to cover any additional staff expense.

We also offer a comprehensive validation package available to clients working within the GxP or other regulated industries, who don’t want to spend valuable internal resources on validating the software.

The LabHQ team understands the importance of high quality customer support and are completely committed to providing clients with a continuous premium level of service throughout the business relationship.

For more information regarding our software and the services we provide, please visit our website.

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