Labour Market Transition 2007


Courtesy of ECO Canada

The purpose of Labour Market Transition: A Remedy for Labour Shortages in the Environment 2007 is to investigate mechanisms to successfully transition workers from declining sectors of the economy to the environmental sector. Or, alternatively, to add appropriate environmental skills to the existing workers to allow them to remain fully employed in their current sector of the economy. This is a unique study that uses both a formal forecasting approach as well as interviews with key sector employers to determine the demand for environmental workers. The report also examines current industry practices toward recruitment, retention, and training. In the following sections, first, the forecasted employment by North American Industry Classification Systems (NAICS) codes are presented, which highlight the industries undergoing employment growth or decline. Second, the results of interviews with key informants are presented. The interviews provide employers’ perception about the growth of environmental employment and human resource (HR) practices.

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