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Lafarge Cement In-Company Integrated Lead Auditor Training


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Lafarge required a programme to train their lead auditor team in cross-function auditing for ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 management systems. In particular, how they integrate with each other and the links, differences and similarities between all three systems. 

Based around its own Integrated Management Systems, the initial focus of the course considered the similarities and differences between ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001. This knowledge enables audit competency within specific specialisms against the standards and also cross-functionally, assisting in the development of new approaches to auditing and day-to-day inspections.

Why LRQA Training?

LRQA is already Lafarge's certification body and both understands and has experience of the way the company and their management systems work. In addition, a flexible approach from LRQA enable the team there to develop a bespoke course that would use and refer to Lafarge documents, methodologies and even tools.

The knowledge and experience of LRQA's trainer, Cheryl Savage, ensured the course provided the detail required about each standard, and still accommodate Lafarge's approach and methods which were a priority for the company.

The Training

After an initial telephone consultation, the bespoke training solution for Integrated Management Systems was developed in face-to-face meetings and held over four consecutive days. Delegates were came from a variety of functions including Environmental, Health & Safety and Quality. Feedback from delegates was positive, highlighting how their new skills could improve performance in their current and possibly in future roles. Trainer, Cheryl Savage, shared her enthusiasm and long and varied experience working both as an auditor and as an LRQA assessor, drawing together the broad range of opinions and levels of experience of delegates. 

The Benefits
  • A deeper understanding of the three standards, particularly the differences between them.
  • The skills and knowledge to flexibly audit against all three standards, not just their own area of specialism
  • Smooth transfer of knowledge into the workplace as the training referenced Lafarge's Integrated Management System documents, procedures and tools, enabling delegates to use appropriate methodologies to fit Lafarge's structure
  • Ability to audit for Lafarge at multiple locations
Next Steps:  Lafarge now run annual audit programme with LRQA with delegates taking further skills and knowledge out into the field at sites around the UK.

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