Lafarge Tarmac - Stakeholder engagement - Case Study


Lafarge Tarmac - Stakeholder engagement

The client

Lafarge Tarmac is a 50:50 joint  venture company formed following the merger of Anglo American’s Tarmac business and Lafarge UK, creating the UK’s leading construction materials and maintenance services organisation.

The challenge

Following the merger of the two organisations in March 2013, Lafarge Tarmac wanted to develop an industry leading framework for its sustainability strategy to provide structure, targets, measures and key performance indictors (KPIs). IMS Consulting was able to provide independent and external support, by firstly undertaking an engagement process with key employees, and secondly facilitating a series of workshops.

What did IMS do?

IMS carried out an engagement exercise with senior level execs and managed the facilitation of four workshops to assist Lafarge Tarmac in developing an industry leading sustainability strategy.

In order to assess the views of Lafarge Tarmac’s top employees, IMS undertook 30 telecom interviews with Lafarge Tarmac’s leading employees across the business. This was followed by the facilitation of four sustainability workshops, one dedicated to each of Lafarge Tarmac’s four business units. By providing an external perspective, IMS was able to draw out and address the key issues and share best practice examples from within, and outside, the sector.

What was the outcome?

Lafarge Tarmac now has a sustainability strategy for where it wants to be in 2020, with KPIs and targets to help it get there. The strategy applies to all four of Lafarge Tarmac’s business unit, providing a relevant yet common framework to help the various areas of the company drive sustainability in the same direction.

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