Lagoon treatment and disposal retrofit at a small community wastewater facility

Kendal~Crosslands Communities has managed its wastewater since the early 1970s by use of a lagoon treatment and spray irrigation disposal facility. The facility is the first in Chester County, Pennsylvania, to utilize the environmentally friendly spray irrigation method for disposal of treated wastewater. Spray irrigation has become a preferred method of land application disposal and a valuable means for groundwater recharge among small communities in the county. A planned expansion of the communities required a significant increase in the wastewater treatment and disposal capacity, however there was insufficient land area for traditional lagoons and spray irrigation to serve the projected wastewater needs. In order to meet the needs of the communities, while continuing to protect waters of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, a combination of seasonal spray irrigation with innovative stream discharge and the conversion of the aerated lagoon to a continuous-feed, intermittent-discharge activated sludge treatment basin were incorporated in the facility expansion. Tertiary treatment was added for further polishing of the effluent. The facility was able to discharge high-quality effluent throughout the year without the restrictions of conventional spray irrigation by a unique method of land application on newly constructed disposal fields that allowed overland flow to the stream.

Kendal~Crosslands Communities (KCC) are the continuing care and residential retirement communities of Kendal at Longwood, Crosslands, Cartmel, and Coniston located in the scenic Brandywine Valley of Chester County, southeastern Pennsylvania. KCC are affiliated with the Kendal Corporation, a nonprofit, charitable organization with Quaker principles operating a network of communities serving older persons in Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Ohio, New York, Virginia, and Massachusetts.

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