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Lake Jamno remediation proposal


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Lake Jamno………. near the city of Koszalin in Poland, has been contaminated by bio-mass sludge build-up from many years of agriculture run-off. Once a popular recreational and vacation destination, the Lake has been closed to swimming and boating since 2001.

A Letter of Intent has been signed between the City of Koszalin and BluePlanet for the reclamation of Lake Jamno using an AQUACLEAN Treatment Plan.


  • Remediation of the Lake’s natural water quality
  • Restore recreational capability and activities
  • Restore good swimming and boating conditions
  • Stimulate return of aquaculture, both fish and plants


  • Reclaim one of the finest resort areas on Baltic coast
  • Stimulate the return of tourism and economic recovery
  • Provide impetus for future marina and harbour development

General information

  • Surface 24Km²
  • pH factor levels are too high, up to 9.2
  • Enormous amount of sludge build-up
  • Manure a major component in the sludge

Possible Remediation Programs Reviewed

  1. Dredging, and slug treatment
  2. Bio remediation (AquaClean)

General Conclusions


  • Will take sludge out of the Lake, but….
  • Will not alter the pH factor
  • Will not stop sludge build up
  • Extremely expensive, bid at some $750 Million
  • Must still treat the removed soil/slug
  • Heavy equipment required
  • Disruptive to marina and plant life
  • Will take at least 15 years
  • As a mechanical treatment method, dredging is a never ending story



  • AquaClean is a natural biological method
  • Restores Nature’s natural balance
  • Safe, no toxic dangers for plants and animals
  • Easy to handle in treatment program
  • Stimulates marine life, both plant and animals
  • Controls algae and mosquitoes
  • Significantly cheaper than dredging, estimated at $18 million
  • Works relatively quickly, a Two-Year Program by augmenting nature
  • Stops sludge build-up, degrades existing bio-mass
  • Will automatically re-balance the pH factor
  • Will stimulate and create local employment


  • The AquaClean treatment will quickly solve odor problems in and around the Lake Jamno
  • Will decrease total amount of sludge, with an initial reduction of some 30% the first year and up to 70% through maintenance
  • Will control algae over time by removing excess nutrients, augmented with bio-filtration utilizing aquatic planets and wetland reed for nutriment removal. The by-product becomes a self-funding natural fertilizer provider
  • In the second year of treatment, AquaClean will have restored the water quality to acceptable levels to once again allow swimming and boating, ready again for recreational purposes


To obtain consistent and evenly disbursed treatment application AquaClean, BluePlanet will mark Lake Jamno with GPS sites at every 100m intersect, accounting for the 24Km² surface we will have approximately 2400 treatment points.

The Lake contains some 12.816 billion gallons of water, with an average depth of 2 metres over the bottom sludge build-up of approximately 3 metres.

Treatment inoculation will release 55 gallons (one drum) at each of the 2,400 distribution points, for a total of 132,000 gallons of ACF-32.

Weeks 2, 3 and 4 will each require a total of 50,000 gallons of AquaClean, or 21 gallons released at each distribution point.

On-going treatment maintenance will be 13,000 gallons per month, or 5.5 gallons released at each distribution point.

After the first year treatment results are assessed, an on-going maintenance program will be implemented to assure reclamation and stop future contamination from surrounding farms and other run-off.

Concept of Ecological Cooperation

In order to assure the desired results are maintained long-term, not only do we have to treat Lake Jamno, but we also have to treat the complete complex of inflow being released into Lake Jamno. BluePlanet will work with the Local Authorities to enforce such regulations as may be required, and as well as work with local residents and businesses to bring the effluences into compliance with EPA regulations on discharge. BluePlanet will develop AquaClean Treatment Plans to clean up rivers, canals, ditches and other inlets to the Lake Jamno. The outlook is bright for Lake Jamno, and the recreational area will open to the public during the second year of treatment. The impact of this reclamation will rekindle local resort development and restore the natural beauty of the region, while allowing the agricultural sector to continue to contribute to the greater economy of the region without detrimental affect.

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