Land Zoning in Bangladesh


It is evident that all the identified phenomena or threats to the human race are narrowly related to land. We all need land to live on, to build our shelters on and to extract our food from. Land includes also water bodies, such as the sea, which are becoming more and more important with respect to marine resources. Land cannot always be treated like any other commodity- be it very significant and thus valuable. In addition to its pure economic value, it often has serious social and religious implications. The ides that the land belongs to the ancestors from whom the living derive their right to use it as tenants of the dead and trustees of the unborn members of the group (tribe, family) can not be dismissed as ancient, superstitious and romanic. Because of present problems of overutilization of land resources, pollution and scarcity of land (also in developed countries), the idea that we should hold the land as stewards for generations to come is frequently expressed. Within this framework of ideas, a balance between exploitation/utilization and conservation of land resources must be found in order to obtain the sustainable development indicated by the Brundtland report.


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