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Landfill annual reporting and data management


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Client: Waste Management Industry

Location: UK

Services: Landfill monitoring support , data management and quarterly and annual reporting services

Issues: Regulatory annual reporting requirements and control and trigger level compliance.

Summary: ESI receives monitoring data from the client at quarterly intervals. The data is reviewed in the context of the preceding data for the site and assessed for any notable trends or patterns.  Quarterly and annual monitoring reports are produced efficiently and to the timescales required by the regulators.

Landfill sites are closely regulated and there is an onus on permit holders to manage sites and their associated environmental liabilities whilst they continue to pose a risk to the environment.  Under the Landfill Regulations, permit holders must provide annual reports that summarise environmental performance.  Particularly, these reports demonstrate how the site has performed against limits (e.g. trigger levels) that are specified within the permit.

ESI has drafted annual reports for operational and closed landfill sites for a major landfill operator in the UK.  Many of these reports are required in the first quarter of the year and this puts a resource strain on the permit holder.  ESI has a large resource pool which is able to complete these reports within the timescales required.

ESI has worked closely with the permit holder and has a good working knowledge of operational issues at each of the sites.  This means that ESI is increasingly able to describe, not only the issues, but also the remedial action taken to resolve them.

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