Rusmar Inc.

Landfill Closure - Odor Control


Courtesy of Rusmar Inc.

Products & Equipment Used:
  • Pneumatic Foam Unit 1600/40
  • AC-645 Long Duration Foam
  • AC-904 Long Duration Foam

Application summary:

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources required an emissions control measure during the closure of an Ann Arbor Solid Waste Landfill cell. The odors that were emanating from the landfill during the grading process were so severe that residents in the adjacent neighborhood complained to the City of Ann Arbor on a constant basis.

Rusmar Incorporated's AC-645 Long Duration Foam was applied to the surface immediately behind each of the graders. The AC-904 Long Duration Foam was utilized to control odors for periods up to two weeks during holiday shut downs and for weekend coverage. Rusmar Incorporated's Long Duration Foam was so effective in controlling odors, neighborhood complaints to the City of Ann Arbor ceased immediately upon the first application of foam.

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