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Landfill gas analysis telematics in Slovenia case study


Courtesy of QED Environmental Systems Ltd.


Landfill - waste to energy




Novo Mesto, Slovenia


AFS client, Minerva Žalec d.d


The customer specified a 6-channel landfill gas analyser with secure online internet access for data transmission.


Installed and commissioned in June by Automatic Flare Systems (AFS) with a twin-booster 600 m3/hr flare stack, the Geotech AEMS static gas analyser measures five input lines and one output line to flare that will eventually go to two 400kw CHP engines, due for installation later. From the AFS flare and Geotech AEMS, data crosses to site offices by a remote link and from there onto a SCADA system. The data is then linked via broadband for secure Internet viewing, in addition the Geotech AEMS static biogas analyeser has a direct GPRS link. These telematic links enable the Geotech AEMS gas analyser and the AFS flare stack systems to have on-line data download and diagnostics from anywhere and is part of the assured service and support.

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