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Landfill Gas Model and use of MP5 by Fehily Timoney & Company

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Arthurstown Landfill is located in Kill, Co. Kildare and is Ireland’s largest municipal solid waste disposal facility with a total area of 72 hectares (180 acres). The site uses MP5 for the management of its environmental data which includes gas management, weighbridge information, SCADA leachate management and treatment, performance of flares and gas generation engines.

Fehily Timoney & Company have developed a landfill gas  management model for South Dublin County Council (SDCC) at Arthurstown landfill to facilitate balancing of gas extraction from the Arthurstown landfill gas collection system. The landfill has a large landfill gas utilisation plant comprising eleven engines and two 2,500 m³/hr enclosed flares. The tool is designed to facilitate balancing and highlight operational conflicts. The role of MP5 in this is to manage data on gas quality and composition and facilitates

  • Automated import and quality checking of data
  • Graphical and tabular presentation of data to address queries
  • Standardised reporting templates using Crystal Reports or similar which in turn allows comparison with model outputs
  • GIS graphical interface allowing interrogation and mapping of data
  • SURFER interface allowing contouring and sections of gas audit parameters

Use of this approach facilitated balancing in relation to flow from respective wells and following several audits at the facility it quickly became apparent that all previous prediction models were underestimating the gas production from the waste body. This resulted in utilisation and flaring infrastructure being under undersized with a consequent loss in revenue from the power utilisation plant in excess of €500,000 annually.

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