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Landfill Gas Monitoring Procedures


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 Purpose of Document

The purpose of this document is to provide standardized procedures for California Integrated Waste Management Board (Board) inspectors to use when performing landfill gas (LFG) monitoring during routine disposal site inspections. The standardization of procedures is intended to produce an acceptable level of confidence in the monitoring. This document presumes that each inspector has already had some experience in conducting disposal site inspections, which includes LFG monitoring.

Disposal site inspectors are required to sample for LFG in the ground at the permitted boundary and in structures within the permitted boundary of a disposal site when conducting eighteen month or pre-permit inspections. Title 27 California Code of Regulations (27 CCR) Section 20919.5 requires all municipal solid waste landfill operators to ensure that the concentration of methane gas generated from their landfill does not exceed 1.25 percent by volume in on site structures, excluding LFG control structures, nor 5% by volume at the property boundary (at any depth). Title 27 CCR Section 20919 requires operators of disposal sites to conduct monitoring and institute control measures to limit LFG migration if an Enforcement Agency, the Board, or a Local Fire Authority notifies them that there is cause to believe that a hazard or nuisance may be created by LFG. Sections 20919 and 20919.5 apply to municipal solid waste landfills. Section 20919.5 does not apply to disposal sites that are not municipal solid waste landfill units as defined in 27 CCR Section 20164.

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