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Landfill Gas to Pipeline


Courtesy of Element Markets LLC

Location: Angleton, TX
Online Date: 2012

Element Markets is partnering with Waste Connections, one of the largest waste companies in the U.S., to develop a large biomethane project at the company’s Seabreeze Landfill in Angleton, Texas. The project, which is slated to come online in 2012, will produce more than 28 million MMBTUs of gas during its operational life, enough to power more than 8,300 homes for 25 years.

Our development and engineering staff is bringing decades of gas processing experience to bear in the advancement of this project. When operational, the resulting biomethane will be sold as renewable energy into the power and transportation sectors and will generate marketable environmental credits. We are helping our client gain value from gas that is naturally generated from the landfill and typically discarded into the atmosphere. We are helping the local community by creating several jobs and significant tax revenue.

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