Landfill Leachate Treatment Technology Piloted in Ireland - White Paper

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The primary objective of this project was to develop a full scale Pro-Bio design which could treat wastewaters such as Leachate by piloting a small scale first to determine the precise structural design, process flow and programming which would be required for a successful full scale model of this technology. During this pilot treating Landfill Leachate, we were determined to learn more about Leachate and what would be required in the successful treatment of Leachate with this technology. The full scale model should be an affordable, containerized, modular technology which could successfully treat the leachate and other toxic wastewaters to environmental discharge limits and if required, be moved to other sites when the landfill has stopped producing Leachate or simply scaled up when the landfill grows and begins to generate more leachate. The full scale must be 100% biological treatment (NO Reverse Osmosis), should be able to treat around 300m3/Day, cost around €750,000 and use a total of around 40Kw of power and use no chemicals at all.

Combined Environmental Technologies is proud to say that we have achieved our goals in this project and are looking forward to building a full scale model whether it is a compact 40 foot unit or a full scale 4 x 40 foot Treatment cell.

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