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Landfill licence surrender assessment


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Client: Waste Management Industry

Location: UK

Services: Landfill completion reporting, site investigation, sampling and data collation,   risk assessment, regulatory liaison.

Issues: Potential risk to human health and controlled waters, 

Summary: ESI undertook the site investigation, data analysis and risk assessment required to support an application to surrender the site’s licence. The risk assessments concluded that the site no longer posed a risk. The surrender report and associated surrender form were submitted to the regulator, the findings were accepted, and the landfill is now considered to have reached completion. The licence has now been surrendered.

Landfill sites are closely regulated and there is an onus on site owners to manage sites and their associated environmental liabilities whilst they continue to pose a risk to the environment.  However, with time the elevated concentrations in landfills decrease and there comes a time when they no longer pose a risk to environmental receptors.  At this time, the landfill licence or permit can be surrendered.  In order to surrender a permit, the site owner must demonstrate to the regulator that the site no longer poses a risk and this is achieved via the submission of a surrender report.  ESI was instructed to produce a surrender report for an old landfill site.

Following early discussions with the regulator, it was decided that a number of risk assessments were required before a surrender report could be accepted.

Therefore, as part of this project a site investigation was undertaken to collect necessary data to inform human health, controlled waters, gas and stability risk assessments.  The risk assessments were subsequently undertaken (the stability risk assessment was undertaken by one of ESI’s partners) and they concluded that the site no longer posed a risk.

The surrender report and associated surrender form was submitted to the regulator who has agreed with the findings and the licence has now been surrendered.

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