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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Landfill Off-Gas Collection and Treatment Systems


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This engineering technical letter (ETL) was written to provide guidance for designers to determine appropriate application of Landfill Off-Gas Collection and Treatment Systems, and to properly design and specify these systems.


This ETL applies to all HQUSACE elements, major subordinate commands (MSC) , districts, laboratories, and field operating activities having military or civil works design responsibilities. The engineering and design procedures are applicable to all Corps of Engineers projects. Collection and Treatment of landfill off-gas is a requirement at both Federal and municipal sites, including Department of Defense installations. This ETL was written primarily for sites containing Municipal Waste, Hazardous and Toxic Wastes and does not apply to Radioactive Waste sites.

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Part 1 (949 Kb) - Introduction 
                          - Theory of LFG emissions 
                          - Landfill off-gas control applicability 
                          - LFG design considerations

Part 2 (592 Kb) - Environmental issues 
                          - Construction materials and installation 
                          - Operating conditions
                          - Design and construction package

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