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Landfill reporting and data management


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Client: Syngenta Limited

Location: Bradley Park, UK

Services: Landfill monitoring support service, environmental data management and reporting services

Issues: Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC). Control and trigger level compliance.

Summary: ESI receives site monitoring data from the client that accords with the site monitoring plan drafted by ESI. An EQuiS v5 database is used for the data management. Data undergoes a series of QA and QC checks prior to upload. Automated compliance and monitoring reports are readily generated, providing a highly efficient and cost effective data management and reporting service.

Landfill sites are closely regulated and there is an onus on permit holders to manage sites and their associated environmental liabilities whilst they continue to pose a risk to the environment.  Bradley Park Landfill is operated by Syngenta Limited.  Syngenta has contracted the environmental data management for the site to ESI.

At project commencement ESI drafted a site monitoring plan that defines the locations from where samples are to be taken and the analytical schedules.  This information was provided to the sampling contractor.  Field and analytical data are provided to ESI in the EQuIS UK data format and loaded into an EQuIS v5 environmental data management system.  As part of the load process, quality assurance is undertaken on each dataset, thus preventing suspect data from being loaded into the archive.

Following each load, a number of checks are carried out on the data.  Initially a completeness checker is run to ensure that all required results have been obtained.  Following this, automated checks are made to determine if any control or trigger levels have been exceeded.  These checks include determinands where the level of detection exceeds the control or trigger level.  If this occurs, a compliance report is immediately issued.

A number of automated reports have been written against the database to allow for the rapid production of quarterly and annual reports which are required to be submitted to the regulator.

The data management system provides excellent efficiency which, in turn, allows ESI to provide an extremely cost effective service to our client.

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