Landfill slope stability


Courtesy of SoilVision Systems Ltd.

Birdsall Engineering, Inc. has recently undertaken a landfill slope stability project using SVDynamic. This project dealt with a difficult and unconventional problem that SVDynamic was able to solve quickly and easily. The below quote further details this modeling project:

'In order to optimize airvolume at an existing landfill we had to evaluate the slope stability of the piggy-backed waste body on top of the existing one. The unique geometry (compared to traditional slope-stability problems) as well as the nontypical strength parameters of the baled and in-situ compacted waste led us to consider unconventional approaches.  We believe that the unconstrained search for failure surfaces is more appropriate to our application than the search criteria incorporated in other products.'

Arie Kremen, Ph.D.
Birdsall Engineering, Inc.

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