Landfilling of Pre-treated Waste - Consequences for the Construction, Operation and After-care of Landfills

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From the realisation of the German Waste Storage Ordinance (Ordinance on Environmentally Compatible Storage of Waste from Human Settlements AbfAblV, ANONYM, 2001) follows that in Germany from June 2005 on only pre-treated wastes are allowed to be furnished to landfills. In some parts pre-treatment will fundamentally change the physical, biological and chemical properties of the material to be landfilled compared with the wastes which have been landfilled so far. The behaviour of wastes at emplacement in the landfill and after the landfilling process will be different in many aspects from the experiences which have been gained during the last 30 years at the operation of landfills from MSW.

This concerns the output material of both a thermal and a mechanical-biological treatment of waste. In the following the residuals from mechanical-biological stabilisation will be considered only, as in Germany slags from waste incineration are nearly completely used for road building. Whether this not undisputable form of utilisation - quizzically described as landfill in lineform - will endure before the background of a future soil protection directive must be questioned.

The following article describes at first the product quality of the wastes to be landfilled resulting from the fulfilment of the requirements of the Waste Storage Ordinance AbfAbIV through the mechanical-biological treatment. On this basis the thereof arising emplacement characteristics of MBT materials into the landfills will be explained and deduced under consideration of the specific standards of the Waste Storage Ordinance AbfAbIV for landfill construction and operation.

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