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Lanes for Drains proves its waste management capability


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Lanes for Drains has shown it has waste management expertise that reaches beyond pipes and sewers Ð by managing a project to remove hundreds of tonnes of leachate from a landfill site in East Anglia.

The companyÕs St Neots depot in Cambridgeshire, was awarded the contract to remove the waste water and transport it to a registered waste transfer station for safe disposal.

The owners of the domestic waste landfill site in Cambridgeshire called in Lanes for Drains after 250 tonnes of leachate Ð water polluted by material from the tipped rubbish Ð had accumulated.

Because Lanes for Drains, the UKÕs largest specialist drainage provider, holds a Waste CarrierÕs Licence it has both the expertise and legal authority to manage the safe transportation of liquid and solid waste.

Mark Reed, Area Sales Manager for Lanes for Drains St Neots, said: ÒLeachate build-up in landfill sites is a regular problem and has been made more pressing because of the sustained periods of heavy rain weÕve been experiencing over recent years.

ÒThe owners of this particular landfill site asked Lanes for Drains, as a certified waste carrier in Cambridgeshire, to manage the removal of the leachate which we were happy to do.

ÒThe liquid was taken off the site over one weekend and transported to a registered waste transfer station, also in East Anglia, where it could be treated, then safely and legally disposed of.

ÒBecause of our experience and equipment, we can manage the transportation of many forms of liquid or solid waste. Our jetting tankers can suck up liquid or be used to liquefy solid material before removing it from any site.

ÒLanes for Drains customers have an added advantage, because we can use our powerful jetting technology to clean the site down and make sure all polluted material is collected.Ó

Where solid waste is contained in confined spaces Ð for example in tanks, pipes or holes in the ground Ð where there is a risk from toxic vapours or dust pollution, the best option is often to liquefy it with water before removing it.

Lanes for Drains provides a waste management and transportation service for customers in a range of sectors, including landfill operators, construction, agriculture, manufacturing and utility services.

Mark Reed said: ÒOur equipment can allow liquid and solid waste to be managed and transported more quickly, more safety and more sustainably Ð and with less effort and cost being incurred by our clients.

ÒIf need be, we can also manage solid waste as well. Lanes for Drains St Neots can work quickly in an emergency situation or as part of an ongoing waste management process. Either way, we have the skills and experience to get the job done.Ó

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