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Large city hotel recycling program efficiency and Vendor management case study


The Challenge

  • This large downtown hotel is a landmark location with an established waste and recycling program. RecycleSmart was tasked with improving the existing program while reducing costs.
  • Existing waste hauler had service restrictions and billing errors that caused high operating costs while service schedule did match business needs.
  • The hotel lacked signage and training for existing recycling programs that were underutilized.
  • Some material types (glass, metal, plastic) were not included in existing recycling program.

The Results

  • Added Plastic/Glass/Metal Recycling Program (did not exist previously)
  • Increased capture rate for organic/food waste recycling, by 20% from previous volume/tonnage resulting in a significant increase in diversion rate and a reduction in solid waste landfill fees.
  • Changed solid waste hauler, which allowed RecycleSmart to directly manage the service resulting in a 30% reduction in costs.
  • Developed customized signage for back of house areas for various recycling programs
  • On-site training for new recycling and improve existing recycling programs
  • Improved efficiency of on-site shredding program, resulting gin a 40% cost reduction, with zero impact to operations.
  • Supporting process of achieving 4 green keys (recent audit) with The Green Key Program.

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