Separation Technologists, Inc.

Large contract manufacturer in northern California


Courtesy of Separation Technologists, Inc.

'We decided to buy a wastewater treatment system from the cleaner manufacturer because it was convenient.'

The cleaner manufacturer bought the wastewater treatment equipment from another company. This company was actually reselling the equipment that was made by another company. Therefore, there were two companies between the end user and the actual manufacturer of the equipment. In addition, the company that made the installation was a different local service company. During the installation, hydrogen peroxide was used to disinfect the piping system. Excess peroxide was put into an empty drum that was located near the equipment. After a few hours, the drum, that now was inside a shed, exploded from the excessive build-up of gas from a reaction of the peroxide with an unknown organic compound that was inside the drum. The drum was projected through the roof of the shed and landed on the roof of the adjacent building a few hundred feet away.

When third, fourth, and fifth parties are used, the chance of failures and potential dangerous conditions will increase.

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