Larger trucks can bring vast cuts in carbon emissions

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New study claims 2-metres larger trucks can save the UK 3.2 tonnes of carbon emissions per year.

Larger trucks could help to save carbon emissions and reduce traffic congestion, proving to be better for the environment. This was the conclusion of a study conducted for the government by UK logistics giant Wincanton, one of Europe's largest transport companies.

The new report says that extending the size of trucks by two metres could remove almost 30,000 heavy vehicles from UK roads and save the country 3.2 million tonnes of carbon emissions each year.

Wincanton's research also suggested trucks that are 15% larger than normal use only 2% more fuel. It says these larger trucks would save £60,000 per vehicle in fuel costs each year, and deliver about £1.8bn worth of energy savings to the logistics industry.

Larger trucks would provide significant energy savings and productivity improvements to the transport industry

Wincanton, which supplies most of the UK's major supermarkets, is also using the report to call on the government to allow trucks that are up to 18.5 metres long on the roads, extending the current legal limit by two metres.

Dave Rowlands, technical services director at Wincanton, said 'This new vehicle will not only take heavy vehicles off our roads but also provide significant savings and productivity improvements to the transport and haulage industry.'

Roads minister Mike Penning said he would consider the proposal for larger trucks, and would belooking carefully at the economic, safety and environmental arguments for and against allowing a small increase in the overall length of articulated trucks from 16.5 metres to 18.55 metres. But, hehas already ruled out the use of longer 'super lorries' on UK roads.

A similar study in Sweden found that 30-metre timber trucks cut carbon emissions by just over a fifth and reduced other pollutants compared to typical 18.75-metre lorries.

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