Largest Chipper Helps Indiana Firm

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In light of how razor-thin profit margins are today, contractors are (or should be) continually looking for ways to reduce expenditures, streamline efforts, improve efficiencies. 'Business as usual' ended what seems like an eternity ago, replaced by efforts to rein in continually-rising costs to remain profitable. And Brett Kramer understands that as well as anyone. But for the owner of Kramer’s Landclearing, boosting profitability involved upgrading the chipping facet of his operation with the addition of a new 1050 Hp Morbark 50/48B WCL Track Whole Tree Chipper, the largest track chipper available today. While that meant initially spending more money, the Indiana-based landclearing professional has no doubts that, given the resultant upturn in production and the new opportunities it will present, he will recoup his investment in short order.

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