Largest Hofstetter Installation


Courtesy of Hofstetter BV

Type     HOFGAS®- LPM 7000 
Commissioning     2003
Site     Landfill Pinto (ES)

One of the Europe’s largest landfill sites is located in the Pinto region, south of Madrid, where a modern waste treatment and energy recovery system is currently being developed.

Urbaser S. A. is implementing a new plant for U.T.E. Planta R.S.U. Pinto. The works consists of two different divisions; waste separation and digestion of the organic fraction. The released gas streams are collected and utilized for the generation of electric power.

  • Processing up to 7'000 Nm3/h landfill gas for the supply of 11 gas generator sets.
  • Automatic control and monitoring of the installation
  • Homogeneous mixing of landfill gas, biogas from the fermentation and natural gas
  • Dewatering of the landfill gas
  • Combustion of the excess gas
  • Explosion protection and safety concept
  • Complying with landfill emission regulations
  • Computer-based process control system
  • Tele-monitoring

The main goal was to provide landfill gas to the generator sets on a continual basis. Consequently, a controlled gas collection unit and a gas preparation station were installed. Before the gas is delivered to the generator sets, it will be dewatered, dried and mixed with biogas and natural gas. A process control system was supplied to ensure smooth operation of the installation. All operating values are now retrievable on screen, which enables remote monitoring. Hofstetter realized the large-scale project in close cooperation with the customer.

Functional Description
Controlled degassing of the landfill site has been realised.In a dewatering unit the condensate is removed from the gas. However, the dewatered landfill gas is still 100% humid. In order to protect the generator sets the gas is further dried by cooling in a chiller unit.Two blower units charge the landfill gas to utilisation and the excess gas to the flare systems.The installation is designed for 7'000 Nm3/h.

The gas streams are balanced by sending excess landfill gas to incineration in a combustion unit. Two high temperature flares of the type HOFGAS® - Efficiency with a capacity of 1500 Nm3/hour each are available. The turn down ratio is 1: 5 and 1: 50 respectively.With high temperature combustion and defined residence time of >0.3s Hofstetter meets the stringent local regulations.

The installation is controlled and monitored automatically. Hofstetter provided the necessary control elements and the electrical SPS control. As an additional safety measure the gas analysis system HOFGAS® - Assay monitors the content of methane and oxygen in the landfill.

As discussed before, a biomethanisation plant was realised jointly with the landfill site. During the fermentation of organic waste 900 Nm3/h biogas is produced. The biogas is blended with the landfill gas and natural gas.

With the processed gas mixture 11 generators, each with a power generation capacity of 1.4 MWe, are operated continuously.
Client’s Benefits

  • Continuous generation and sales of 15.4MWh electricity
  • Reduction of the landfill gas emission (active environmental protection)
  • Complete, low emission high temperature combustion of the excess gas
  • Meeting the local requirements
  • Low operating costs
  • Complete solution from one source

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