Largest lagoon in North America relies on AIRE-O2® TRITON process aerator/mixer


Courtesy of Aeration Industries International (AII)

'The Triton and AIRE-O2® aeration equipment have surpassed all our expectation.'


This western USA municipality has a 494 acre (200 ha) lagoon system. They installed 68 AIRE-O2® aspirator aerators in 1989 into its 7 lagoons. Officials were very pleased with the performance efficiency of the system, especially with the challenge of their huge lagoons and severe winters. With a continual demand on their system by 1997, they decided to add more AIRE-O2® aspirator aerators to the effluent end where algae and ammonia were becoming more problematic due to population growth.


The municipality's officials visited Aeration Industries' headquarters located in a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota and saw a demonstration of its newest technology in its 100,000 gallon R & D test pool. 'The Triton had more mixing and oxygen capabilities so it seemed to make sense to us to give it a try,' said one of the officials. How did the Tritons work out? 'We're in the process of installing eight (8) more,' he reports. He notes that he is 'quite impressed' with the Tritons and has been of all of Aeration Industries' equipment. During the 10 years of Aeration Industries' equipment operation, he reports no mechanical problems with the aerators. 'Anytime you can get that kind of service from an aeration system, you have to be very happy with them. '


The municipality compares itself to a smaller community nearby that has a mechanical plant. 'They have 25 people employed while we have only 3 people here. We average about 2 man-hours a day on our system and most of that time is just for daily clean up of buildings. That's what makes the Triton and AIRE-O2® aerators so special,' reports the official. 'We service them every 1000 hours of operation. The bottom line is that they are very low maintenance and a cost efficient system.'

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