Laser beats hundreds of jackdaws - Case Study


Courtesy of Bird Control Group

Company: Logistics service provider Van Rooijen Logistiek
Location: Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Product: Agrilaser Autonomic
Reason: Nuisance caused by hundreds of jackdaws
In use since: April 2016


  • 95% less jackdaws
  • Permanent solution
  • Automatic control
  • No noise pollution
  • Better appearance of property
  • Lower cleaning costs

Situation before

A newly purchased distribution center of Van Rooijen Logistiek brought along an unexpected problem: hundreds of jackdaws lived under the loading and unloading awning. Through their defecation these birds caused a hygienic risk (because of the great deal of food and pharmaceutical supplies) as well as a cleaning problem (because the birds kept coming back). Proposed solution, a sound horn, would not provide a permanent effect and cause nuisance.

Results after use

Since the Agrilaser Autonomic has been installed, the population of jackdaws has decreased by 95 percent. In combination with the removal of the breeding possibilities the chance of the birds coming back is reduced to a minimum. Consequently Van Rooijen Logistiek can work at the desired level in a clean, hygienic environment that needs to be cleaned only once in five to seven years instead of two times per year.

Interview Iwan van de Geer, technical manager at Van Rooijen Logistiek

Hundreds of jackdaws represented a threat to the hygiene around a newly purchased distribution center of Van Rooijen Logistics. But now that the Agrilaser Autonomic does its work, cleaning up makes sense again. “In the meantime 95 percent of the jackdaws is gone.”

For the past twenty years Iwan van de Geer has been the technical manager at Van Rooijen Logistiek in Eindhoven. Nevertheless this experienced manager encountered a problem he could simply not solve. “This year we took over a distribution center. We completely cleaned it and restyled it according to our corporate style. But then it got completely dirty again.” It appeared that hundreds of jackdaws sat under the awning of the loading and unloading bays, which gave a lot of nuisance because of their defecation.

For a company like Van Rooijen that situation is far from optimal since hygiene is of major importance in food and pharma. “Customers should see that everything is clean. Of course we ourselves also want that buildings are perfectly maintained. You do not want jackdaw defecation near the products because it may transfer diseases. Unfortunately the jackdaws kept coming back.”

In his fight against the jackdaws, Van de Geer learned about the Agrilaser Autonomic via an article in newspaper De Telegraaf. “I had just received a quotation from our regular nuisance controller. They work with a sound horn, but I did not like that. Jackdaws get used to it. They always remain in their place along railway tracks or roads as well.”

The technical manager therefore concluded a deal with Bird Control Group to lease the Agrilaser for a month with an option of purchase if it worked satisfactorily. And it did because 95% of the jackdaws is permanently gone. “There is now far less defecation. I am also convinced that the jackdaws will stay away next spring. Therefore cleaning is so much more efficient.”

The manager expects that the Agrilaser will thus earn back its costs. “Normally a property is cleaned once in five to seven years. With all those jackdaws we had to clean twice a year.” Apart from that he no longer has to worry about deterring the birds now. “At our other buildings we experience no nuisance, but if that were the case, I would purchase the Agrilaser again.”

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