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SOIL-THERM’s patented Jet-THERM direct fire Thermal and Catalytic Oxidizer technology provides many benefits to our customers not found anywhere else:  (1) Lower NOx emissions, (2) Very energy efficient and lower fuel usage with or without H.E. Recuperator,  (3) VERY SMALL FOOTPRINT - -  usually 1/4th the size of others, and (4) SIMPLE and EASY operating and monitoring controls.   SOIL-THERM oxidizers are perfect for very space restricted paint and industrial locations.

Since 1990, SOIL-THERM has been providing speciality customized and very small footprint thermal and catalytic oxidizer systems for the environmental industry, with 100% success in processing and destroying the toughest VOC’s in low Oxygen and high CO2 conditions and operating 24 hrs per day at hundreds of locations throughout the U.S. By now applying our extensive custom burner and oxidizer expertise towards more efficient and practical INDUSTRIAL AND PAINT OXIDIZER systems, SOIL-THERM provides you with a much more economical and energy efficient alternative than the other ‘MONSTER SIZED’ oxidizer systems currently on the market. And because our patented burner processes ALL of the VOC’s directly through the Jet-THERM burner, supplemental fuel is greatly minimized ANDthere are none of the ‘available heat’ losses that are very costly when using combustion air burners! The end result: LOWER CAPITAL COST and LOWER FUEL COSTS! 

Give us a call at (818) 706-9875 x103 or visit our website at for more information on how you can save Thousands of Dollars a month using SOIL-THERM’s advanced Jet-THERM technology.  For more information, please visit our website:

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