Soil-Therm Equipment, Inc.


Courtesy of Soil-Therm Equipment, Inc.

SOIL-THERM designs and builds SVE Blower and Oxidizer systems for environmental and remediation applications that are full of features and LOW in price. By integrating advanced PLC capabilities into these systems, SOIL-THERM offers our customers a whole new level of capabilities.  The SVE Blower system with or without oxidizer allows changes to flows, blower speeds, alarms, manual control of pumps and turning system on/off. OXIDIZER SYSTEMS (gas or electric catox) remotely monitor flame strength or heater amperage, Oxygen, LEL, stack emissions, extraction rates, charts of flows vs. vacuums, etc.  Expandable and can be customized to meet your specific needs.

SOIL-THERM SVE BLOWER & OXIDIZER systems include our Remediation Monitoring and Control (ReMAC) technology which allows Operators or Management to make adjustments to the Blower or Air Sparging system using their laptop or SMARTPHONE. With a customizable APP for iPhones and iPADS,  SOIL-THERM Remedidation systems allow changes to timer settings, blower speed and flow settings, optimizing overall operations, downloading data, monitor operation, and turn on/off your system using your SMARTPHONE.   Text and email messages can be sent to the Operator with a ‘snapshot’ of the screen and a description of the problem. The O&M savings are tremendous and will make your services more competitive than ever!

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