Latex Paint Manufacturer-2


Courtesy of Integrated Engineers Inc.

This company was using traditional chemistry of aluminum sulfate, lime to adjust the pH, followed by a flocculant. Switching to Floccin 1107 cut the chemical costs by 30% and decreased the number of chemicals to one. The facility was also using large quantities of DE to generate a dry cake with their bladder press. The Floccin 1107 decreased the usage of the DE by about 50% based on the visual comparison of the cakes, pictured below. IE also informed them that they could eliminate the use of DE completely if they switched to a plate & frame press. The city water and labor required to make up the DE is no longer required, adding to the savings. The required amount of labor to operate this facility was reduced by 50%. As shown in the picture, the Floccin 1107 generates less solids when compared to their previous process. The weight of the previous cake was 0.65 lbs. for a piece and the weight of an equal sized piece of the cake from our product treatment was 0.40 lbs., proving a drier sludge decreasing the sludge haul off costs in both volume & weight.

The clarity of the treated water was excellent (shown in the picture) and is now reused in the cleaning operations as wash down water.

This conversion to Floccin demonstrates that although the direct savings were not large, the indirect savings were significant and easily justified the change.

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