Launching of ISO 14064 for greenhouse gas accounting and verification

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ISO was preparing to launch its new international greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting and verification standards – the three-part ISO 14064 – when this issue of ISO Management Systems went to press.

ISO’s goal in developing the standards is to provide a set of unambiguous and verifiable requirements or specifications to support organizations and proponents of GHG emission reduction projects. When they use ISO 14064 for quantification, reporting and verification, it will ensure that “ a tonne of carbon is always a tonne of carbon .”

ISO 14064 has resulted from several years of detailed study and engagement with the international community of governmental and business organizations with a stake in climate change. It has been developed by Working Group (WG) 5 on Climate Change of ISO Technical Committee (TC) 207, which is responsible for the ISO 14000 family of environmental management standards.

These high profile standards – which were presented at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Montreal, Canada, in late 2005 – will provide clarity and consistency between those reporting GHG emissions and stakeholders.

ISO 14064 provides a solution to the problem brought to light in 2002 by the ISO Technical Management Board’s Ad Hoc Group on Climate Change. It observed that governments, business corporations and voluntary initiatives were using a number of approaches to account for organization- and project-level GHG emissions and removals with no generally accepted validation or verification protocols.

In response, the Department of Standards Malaysia (DSM – and the Standards Council of Canada (SCC – proposed the development of ISO 14064 and have since managed some 175 international experts from 45 countries and 19 liaison organizations through eight international meetings to complete the standard.

ISO 14064 objectives are to :

  • enhance environmental integrity by promoting consistency, transparency and credibility in GHG quantification, monitoring, reporting and verification ;
  • enable organizations to identify and manage GHG-related liabilities, assets and risks ;
  • facilitate the trade of GHG allowances or credits ; and
  • support the design, development and implementation of comparable and consistent GHG schemes or programmes.

ISO 14064, Greenhouse gases, comprises three parts, respectively detailing specifications and guidance for the organizational and project levels, and for validation and verification.

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