Lauvåsen wastewater treatment in filter beds Norway


Courtesy of Filtralite Saint-Gobain Byggevarer As

Lauvåsen is a cluster of houses, holiday homes and a tourist resort in Sør-Fron municipal in Norway.
25 holiday homes, 3 houses and one tourist resort are connected to the treatment plant. This gives a dimensioning flow of: Qdim = 63 m3/day, a total of 284 pe. The treatment plant was built in 2002.
Filter media used in this plant:
930 m3   Filtralite® P 0-4 mm
270 m3   Filtralite® NR 2-4 mm
60 m3   Filtralite® NC 4-10 mm
130 m3   Filtralite® NR 10-20 mm

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