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LCA of innovative technology for energy production from automotive Shredder Residue

Automotive Shredder Residue (ASR) is a problematic waste material remaining after shredding and recovery processes of End of Life Vehicles (ELV). Its heterogeneous grain size and composition make it difficult its recovery or disposal. While ASR accounts for about 20‐25% of the weight of an ELV, the EU's ELV Directive (2000/53/EC) requires that by 2015 a minimum 95% wt. of an end‐of‐life vehicle must be reused or recovered, including 10% wt. energy recovery. The quantity of ASR is relevant: about 2.4 million tons are generated in the EU each year and most of it is sent to landfill. This paper describes a life cycle model of the “TEKNE‐Fluff” process designed to make beneficial use of ASR that is based on the results of an experimental pilot plant for pyro‐gasification, combustion, cogeneration and emissions treatment of ASR. The goal of the research was the application of LCA methodology to identify the environmental hot spots of “TEKNE system” and through scenario analysis to check solutions to improve its environmental profile, supporting in such way the design and industrialization process. The LCA was conducted based on data modeled from the experimental campaign. Moreover, different scenarios on shares of electricity and thermal energy produced by the cogeneration system and alternative treatment processes for the waste produced by the technology were compared. Despite the limitation of the research (results based on scaling up experimental data by modeling), impact assessment results are promising and sufficient robust, as shown by Monte Carlo analysis. TEKNE technology may become an interesting solution for the problem of ASR management: besides representing an alternative to landfill disposal, the energy produced could avoid significant impacts on global warming and fossils resources depletion (a plant of 40,000 tons/yr capacity could produce about 147,000 GJ/yr, covering the annual need of about 13,500 households). This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved

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